Skylight Benefits

How to create the perfect place for meditation at home?

Natural light passing through skylight

The sun provides us with the necessary light and warmth, without which life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. It accelerates the production of serotonin. The hormone responsible for happiness is a natural antidepressant that can be synthesized naturally in sunlight. This way you will get the necessary amounts of it to be in a better mood and full of energy.

All the energy in our body comes from sunlight. Asian practices for body and mind explain this. They speak of the ki-energy that sustains all life. To be healthy, we can’t just think about our physical body, we also need to think about our “energetic body”. Dr. Ilchi Lee calls it a “solar body” because the energy of the sun is the basis of our health and happiness. We can recharge our “solar bodies” by connecting directly to the sun’s energy through meditation.

Do you enjoy meditation at home?

Yoga is a great way for meditation and to start the day because it helps you feel more connected to yourself. This is also the best way of relaxing in the evening after a long day too. 

How nice it would be to have your place at home for yoga when you don’t have the opportunity to be in the yoga studio!

Transform your yoga session into an immersive experience by engaging all five senses in different ways.

  1. Make your yoga spot under roof windows because natural light will help turn it into a more seductive one.
  1. Play soothing music or the sounds of running water or songbirds. Soft and soothing tones will allow you to relax and enjoy your meditation.
  1. Choose soft yoga mats and comfortable clothing made from fabrics such as soft cotton and bamboo for a feeling of comfort for your whole body.
  1. Hydrate well during your yoga session by preparing a bottle of water in advance or why not freshly squeezed fruit juice, which will provide your body with an extra dose of vitamins and minerals. It will increase the pleasure of your meditation and your feeling of calmness.
  1. Use an aroma lamp with essential oils of myrrh, rose, sage or sandalwood. It is believed that the scent of myrrh has a powerful effect and helps to improve concentration, which is extremely necessary for the meditative process and sandalwood creates a pleasant relaxing sensation.

Well, Skylights1 wishes you a pleasant meditation!

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