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6 Things to Check Before Selecting a Skylight for Your Home

Skylight in attic bedroom

Even though selecting a skylight for your home might seem to be a fun and easy venture, the truth is that you should not only devote yourself to picking the right model for your rooftop, but you should also pay attention to other important features related both to stability and the performance your new roof upgrade should deliver. Thus, carefully read the following lines and learn about things you should check before selecting a skylight for your home.

  1. Roof Stability

Roof window

Installing a skylight on an old rooftop might be tricky, so you should either renovate the roof or think of other ways to enrich your space with additional natural lighting. Placing a skylight on a risky surface might cause even more damage than good since leakage and other weather-related issues might arise if you decide to operate despite the risks. Surely, it could imply that the price tag of your initially envisaged investment will go through the roof, but try to look at it on the bright side, since you will definitely enjoy the ability to experience more natural illumination after the works are finalized.

  1. Use Anti-Glare glass

You should be aware that coming up with a perfect solution for a skylight might be a bit trickier than you have imagined it in the first place. Even though you might know how you want your renovated space to look, there are numerous factors you need to take care of until you get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Imagine you get everything done exactly how you have imagined it, but cannot spend time in your skylight-enhanced room because of unbearable glare. It could not only be sore for the eyes but could warm up the space additionally, which can be especially intolerable during hot summers.

Thus, in order not to cry over the spilled milk, act before you engage in your project’s realization by going for anti-glare glass. Not only will you enjoy the newly built arrangement without troubling your eyes, but you will also keep the cool interior undisturbed by summertime heat.

  1. Insulation Properties

As we have mentioned in the previous section, a quality skylight might help you preserve the cold, but it also works the other way around. Namely, the market is full of different models providing various features, so you might want to check the offer until you find what suits your wants and needs best.

We would like to emphasize the qualities of triple-glazed skylights that both protect you from the exterior noise and will make a positive impact on your bills, due to advanced energy-saving characteristics.

 Even though they could cost you more than standard models, you should assess your options carefully before making any final decisions, since paying a few pounds more can prove to be a smart move in the long run.

  1. The Shape

Both the inside and the outside of your home will be significantly alternated upon the installment of a new skylight. Thus, you should know which things to consider when general impressions and potential benefits are in question.

When the outer appearance of the building is concerned, you should bear in mind that any modification you do will affect the value of the real estate. Thus, since you are spending money, you might do it in accordance with the rest of the structure and remain within the boundaries of a peculiar style.

On the other hand, you should know that the shape of the skylight will affect how the sunlight spreads across the space. Therefore, try to figure out whether you would make the most by choosing a round skylight, or a rectangular form would be a more appropriate solution. Also, carefully analyze the form of the roof and make sure you choose the most ideal spot for the skylight, establishing your decision on how much light you want and how much of it you can get depending on the position.

  1. Fixed or Vented Skylight

One of the main things to consider before buying a skylight is whether you want to use it as an extra ventilation utility or you want one solely for illumination purposes.

Reasonably, if more sunlight is the only reason why you want to install a skylight, a fixed one should do the trick, but you should be aware that not being able to open it when you want might be a serious drawback. On the other hand, this version proves to be an ideal way to preserve energy, since you will not have to worry about not closing it adequately.

On the other hand, if you want to vent the room from time to time, having an operable skylight could be just what the doctor ordered since you could use it to refresh the space easily whenever you come in need to.

  1. Pick the Right Time of the Year for the Roof window Installation

Skylight installation factors

You do not want to wait for the rainy season to come so you could start with your construction, nor do you want to work while snowflakes gently fall through the hole in your roof. The reasons are more than obvious that you should pay attention to the forecast and carefully plan your venture in accordance with the conditions. When skylight placement is in question, it is better to wait for the right moment than to suffer from potential rain issues that could endanger the wellbeing of your house.

Even though the procedure you need to handle before finishing the new skylight project might appear complicated, you will most definitely realize it is worth the trouble and the funds you invest upon watching the sunbeam break through your new window for the first time.

The bottom line

If you do everything by the book, there is no reason for you not to enjoy the good times with your new skylight for decades to come. Thus, do your homework and reread the aforementioned pieces of advice as many times as you need until you remember everything essential to make this project work.

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