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Add aesthetics to your home with our high quality skylights and make your home shine! The happiness of our customers is our main mission.
All the energy in our body comes from sunlight. To be healthy, we can not just think about our physical body, we also need to think about our ``energetic body``. Solar power is the foundation for our health and happiness. We can recharge our bodies by connecting directly to the energy of the sun.
Our company fully supports the concept of ``green cities``. With our skylights, you can bring the office or home environment closer to the natural one by letting the sunlight illuminate your room. Let's be more productive and inspired!

Close to nature, close to yourself!

Flat Roof Skylights

Its unique, sleek, frameless edge to edge glass presents a stunning modern look while allowing the maximum amount of light into the room. Flat roof skylights with interior plasterboard appear frameless from the inside, giving the space a bright open-roof feel. A fully insulated frame with “warm frame” technology combined with sound-absorbing glass means a flat skylight provides isolation from outside noise and unmatched thermal efficiency.

Pitched Roof Skylights

Pitched roof skylights is the most common term to homeowners when it comes to installing a skylight into their roof. Add natural light and ventilation to your loft conversion, extension or renovation with the right pitched roof windows. Skylights are windows that are installed into a sloped roof of a building. Our pitched roof skylights are suitable for roof pitches of between 15-45°. With the right pitched roof skylight, you can create a more inviting and comfortable interior space in your home.

Electric Skylights

Our electric opening skylights offer a seamless integration of technology and design, allowing you to effortlessly control natural light and airflow with a touch of a button. Experience the freedom to adjust your skylights from anywhere in your home or office, enhancing comfort and creating the perfect ambience. With sleek aesthetics and innovative features, our electric skylights transform any space into a haven of sophistication. Embrace the future of skylights and elevate your living or working environment today!

Walk-on Skylights

Walk-on glass skylights offer not only an elegant connection between your interior and exterior, but also provide a safe and durable alternative to traditional roofing. We use only the best quality materials to ensure that every Skylights One walk-on skylight is manufactured as accurately and solidly as possible. With our Walk-on glass units, you are sure to get a product that will last for many years to come.

Roof Lanterns

The right roof lantern is more than just a way to let in more natural light and enjoy your outdoor views after sunset. They also have to be designed to keep heat in your home and intruders out. Our builders know what goes into a great lantern and we’re happy to recommend the perfect one for you.No more worries about old, leaky roofs or clogged gutters — our rooflights will allow you to enjoy magnificent views without any interruption! Check out our wide range of styles and types to help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Framed Roof Skylights

A fixed framed skylight is an excellent choice for your home or business if you want to increase the natural light in your building without the cost or inconvenience of installing a new roof. Our aluminium frame features a thermal break which creates an insulated barrier and minimises the transfer of heat and cold, therefore reducing condensation and improving energy efficiency. Our modern design provides you the best possible views without compromising on style.

Electric Skylight Blinds

Do you have a problem with glare, bright light and furniture discolouration in your house? That’s where the electric skylight blind comes in. It lets you control the amount of sunlight entering or exiting your home, preventing UV rays from damaging your valuables. Our new electric skylight blinds are made of blackout thermal fabric, which blocks the passage of internal heat. That means you don’t have to spend a fortune on heating bills. Plus, they’re also made with fabric which lets light in without letting heat out, so you can enjoy natural daylight without sacrificing your comfort.

Custom Size Skylights

If your room doesn’t receive much daylight and has few or no windows, then multiply the area of the room by 0.15. Depending on the number of windows, you can determine the perfect size of rooflight that will be ideal for your house. Ensure that your room is neither getting too dark nor, it’s too much exposure to daylight. Fortunately, we offer a variety of sizes that are available. If you still don’t find the size you want, we offer a custom size skylight that will fit your home perfectly. Share what you need and we’ll create it for you!

1. Idea

Select a place in your home where you want to install, and improve your room

2. Measure the size

Measure the length and width, for installing the roof window

3. We craft it

Input the sizes on our calculator, and make a purchase. You are going to receive it in a period of up to 14 working days.

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