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Framed Roof Window 600 x 1800 mm - Triple glazed Original price was: £1,519.00.Current price is: £1,274.10. incl. VAT

Framed Roof Window 600 x 1200 mm – Triple glazed

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Skylights1 designs and manufactures the highest quality roof windows in the industry.

  • Triple Glazed Skylight
  • Solar Glass (closest to clear tint with solar finish)
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Internal and External Colour – Anthracite Grey (7016)
  • U Value: 0,5 W/m².K
  • Noise Reduction – 36dB
  • Solar Energy Transmittance: 30%
  • UV Transmission: 16%


(7 customer reviews)
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1 × Plywood Insulated Upstand 600 x 1200 mm (for Flat Roof)

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*Please note! Special Glass Tape and Silicone Sealant is required when installing our roof windows.
10 Year Guarantee - is valid only when using our Glass Tape and Silicone Sealant.

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Specification Value
Glazing Type Triple Glazed
Glass Type Solar Glass
Top Glass Pane 6 mm Stopray Smart 51/33 Thermally toughened
Air Gap 20mm 90% Argon Filled
Middle Glass Pane Planibel Clearlite Thermally toughened
Air Gap 18mm 90% Argon Filled
Bottom Glass Pane 6 mm iplus 1.1 Thermally toughened
Self-cleaning Yes
U Value 0.5 W/m²K
Light Transmittance (τv) 46%
External Light Reflection (ρv) 27%
Internal Light Reflection (ρvi) 20%
Colour Rendering Index (Ra)
Total Solar Energy Transmittance (g) 30%
Shading Coefficient (SC) 0.34
Selectivity 1.53

Benefits of our Framed Roof lights

Our framed skylights provide numerous benefits for both residential and commercial buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Our skylights offer exceptional thermal performance, ensuring that your building retains heat during winter and stays cool during summer. The double glazed skylights have a U-value of 1.1 W/m²K, and the triple glazed skylights have a U-value of 0.9 W/m²K. This high thermal performance reduces your energy costs, providing long-term savings for your building.


Safe and Secure

Our skylights are designed with safety and security in mind. The non-opening framed skylights and the framed fixed skylights offer high levels of security, ensuring that they are safe from break-ins. Our skylights also have excellent resistance to pendulum body impact, with the double glazed skylight having a rating of 1C2 and the triple glazed skylight having a rating of 1C2/1C2/1B1.


Natural Light

Our skylights allow an abundance of natural light into the building, which can improve the overall atmosphere and provide a sense of openness. This is especially beneficial for darker spaces that require additional lighting, such as corridors, stairwells, and inner rooms.

Easy Maintenance

The self-cleaning feature of our skylights reduces the maintenance required for the building. With our skylights, you can avoid the inconvenience and risk of cleaning the exterior of the windows, as the self-cleaning technology takes care of this for you.

High Light Transmittance

The skylights have high light transmittance with the double glazed skylight having a light transmittance of 81%, and the triple glazed skylight having a light transmittance of 72%. This means that more natural light can enter the building, creating a brighter and more inviting space.

Versatile Design

Our skylights have a versatile design that can fit any building style. We offer framed roof lights, which can add an attractive design feature to any building. The non-opening framed skylights can be installed in areas where ventilation is not necessary. All of these skylights can be customized to suit your specific requirements, allowing for a seamless integration into your building design.

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Framed Roof Window 600 x 1200 mm – Triple glazed

  1. Robert Aspen

    My framed roof glass 600 x 1200 from Skylights One is a blessing. It brings in the light, looks stunning, and the thermal efficiency it provides is remarkable. Recommended!

  2. Costas Lima

    I am amazed by the thermal performance of my framed skylight 600 x 1200 from Skylights1. It keeps my home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, it looks fantastic!

  3. Victoria Young

    The skylight section of the website was very informative. The comparisons and detailed descriptions helped me choose the right skylight for my home.The straightforward design of the site made me whole process easy.

  4. Tom Noah

    The triple-glazed framed roof window is a must-have. The quality-price value is unbeatable, and the fast shipping was a pleasant surprise.

  5. Olivia Marshall

    We absolutely love our framed roof light. The thermal brake feature is brilliant! It keeps our living space comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside. Plus, stargazing from the comfort of our living room is a big bonus!

  6. Adam Lloyd

    I must say, the thermal brake on our new framed roof window is a game-changer. We’ve noticed a significant decrease in our energy bills and the room feels much more comfortable throughout the year.

  7. Roman Scott

    I am extremely satisfied with my framed roof window from Skylights One. The thermal brake feature has significantly improved the comfort and energy efficiency of my home. Recommend!

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